Why the majority of Africans aren’t yet shopping online

I have recently started asking friends to list African e-commerce stores from which they have bought physical goods. Most can’t name one, with the odd exception. Our Western counterparts, on the other hand, are shopping regularly for an overwhelming number of physical goods at numerous online stores.

Forrester predicts that online sales will account for 17% of all US retail sales by 2022, up from a projected 12.7% in 2017, according to Forrester’s new Online Retail Forecast as cited by Digital Commerce 360.

Did You Miss The Boat?

We’re seeing this question a lot over the past week. I don’t recall the source of this statement, but it’s so true:

“There is more pain felt by an investor sitting on the sideline, watching a rally go by without them, than there would be actually taking a loss on a position.”

The Important Link Between Stablecoins & Security Tokens For The Future Of Finance

We all have a good laugh at the hypocrisy on display as JP Morgan Chase announced their stablecoin, JPM Coin.

While there are many aspects of JPM that make it hot garbage in the eyes of the crypto community, we cannot deny it is an extremely powerful validation of stablecoins as a concept and is a sign for what’s to come.

What Are Smart Contracts? What Exciting Possibilities Do They Enable?

In 2017, Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase’s chief executive, declared Bitcoin a “fraud” and said that any employee caught trading it would be fired for being “stupid.”

Of course, the big news today is that JPMorgan became the first major United States bank to introduce its own digital token for real-world use, the latest step in Wall Street’s evolving approach to the blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.

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