What is btcpayprovider

Hosting services enables
user to register and use BTCPayserver.

BTCPay Server secure, censorship-resistant digital payment processor.

BTCPay provides an easy way to use the Bitcoin Network for payment.

BTCPay is non-custodial, which means no one but you has access to your funds,you use your own wallet to accept payment.

The service includes an integrated point-of-sale web application, easy plug-ins for e-commerce, a billing system, crowdfunding app and more.


merchant accounts

Merchant Accounts+

Accept Bitcoin in retail

peer-to-peer payments.

No processing fees or transaction fees.

Non-custodial: embrace complete control of your private key.

Integrations: WordPress & WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, Magneto, Prestashop.

Point-of-Sale interface for physical stores.

Crowdfunding interface for donation and fundraisers.

Payment Buttons: Easy-embeddable HTML donation and pay buttons.

Translations: 20+ different languages.

Unlimited Stores

Use internal node for lightning payments.LNbank

contactless card payments over NFC

SideShift conversion screen to allow customers to pay with altcoins.

Sovereign pro+
Merchant Accounts

Sovereign pro+

Help you Run your on BTCPayserver

Self-hosted BTCPay Server.

Obtain your own BTCPay Server for your business and accept Bitcoin payments on-chain and also on the Lightning Network.

Includes a Bitcoin node and a Lightning Network node.

Access and set up BTC Transmuter allows you to create flexible recipes and transactional email server for sending messages from your business email address.

If you need Set up assistance including custom payment forms to match your brand + 1hr Traning. contact us

Why BTCPay provider

Competitive Advantage

Btcpayprovider we wanted to make it easy for merchant to accept digital payment, we provide a seamless, secure payment experience used daily by hundreds of thousands of users.


Keeping hardware running and connected 24/7 can be a challenge. BTCPayprovider gives you peace of mind running server on vps accessible even if your internet connection or power is out.

Easy Integration

Seamless, secure payment experience. Save time,Save money, Payments go directly to your wallet instantly.

Secure Global System

An efficient global system, provides best data security. The payment server does not need to know your private keys, so your money can't be stolen.


BTCPay Server a fully open-source cryptocurrency payment processor designed with security and privacy at its core.

By choosing BTCPay

Mobile App

Once you’ve created your account, you can manage everything from the dashboard. anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the global marketplace. Btcpay not limited to this example use cases shown below.

Point of
Sale App

Point of sale app

Accept Bitcoin in retail

Store owners can use a built-in Point of Sale web app. Add products and images, set prices and customize as needed. The app is web-based and can be run on old phones and tablets – no need for specialist hardware.

Whether you sell product in store, out of the trunk of your car BTCPay has you covered. Start selling anywhere.

cost to use
woocommerce and Shopify integration

BTCPay Server into your WooCommerce and shopify


e-commerce, content creators, and other organizations that want to accept digital payment.

cost to use

Launch a crowdfunding campaign

Blochain App Developer

Crowdfunding is an application which you can launch from BTCPay Server interface that allows you to create a self-hosted funding campaign, similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, the creator of the campaign is the owner of the platform. Funds go directly to the creator’s wallet without any fees.

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Bitcoin invoices

Create Bitcoin invoices

Create custom invoices which can be shared with customers by sending a link to the payment request. When the customer opens the link, they will see an invoice which can be customized to suit your business needs.

When payment is made, the payment request uses the exchange rate at the time of payment, which eliminates the volatility risk and allows your clients to pay at their convenience without having to negotiate or verify exchange rates with you at the time of payment.

cost to use

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of info. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is BTCPay Server?

BTCPay Server is a free and open-source cryptocurrency payment processor which allows you to receive payments in Bitcoin (on-chain and via the Lightning Network) and altcoins directly, with no fees, transaction cost or a middleman.

BTCPay is a non-custodial invoicing system which eliminates the involvement of a third-party. Payments with BTCPay go directly to your wallet, which increases the privacy and security. Your private keys are never uploaded to the server. There is no address re-use since each invoice generates a new address deriving from your xpubkey.

Why should I choose BTCPay over other processors?

The most significant advantage of BTCPay over other processors is that it is entirely free and open-source, non-custodial software, created by the community. While most of the other processors hold your Bitcoins, BTCPay allows you to receive payments P2P, directly to your software or hardware wallet.

BTCPAY is open-source software, this makes it possible to add alternative digital currency on top of what's already available. On our road map we are planning to add and maintainedAMOLEDigital token built on Bitcoin liquid sidechain 1-to-1 pegged to Birr to provide individuals and organizations with a robust method of exchanging value while using a familiar accounting unit.

Who can use BTCPay?

BTCPay server is a feature-rich software with plenty of use-cases that can solve problems for different types of users. Merchants, content creators, lightning network users, exchanges, hosting providers and many others can find it useful. See the Use Case page for detailed breakdown of BTCPay use-cases.

Do I need to have an online store to accept cryptocurrencies?

You can use BTCPay even if you don't have an e-commerce store. You can launch your BTCpay and be the payment processor for your friends or local market. Another use-case is to accept donations through the POS (Point of Sale) app or payment buttons which can be copy-pasted as HTML snippets into any website.

Which integrations are available in BTCPay?





Custom Integration

Can I use BTCPay without an integration?

Yes, you can. While various e-commerce CMS use integrations, you can use BTCPay even if you're not a merchant. For more information about use-cases, see this page

Where can I get help and support?

BTCPay is an open-source project. It is not a company; there is no e-mail, live-chat or phone support. The software relies on a network of contributors and users to provide support.If you encountered an issue or have a feature request, please open an issue on GitHub. For more general questions, join our community on Mattermost. Certain community members offer premium (paid) support.

How can I contribute to BTCPay?

There are many ways in which you can contribute to an open-source project like BTCPay.

The easiest way is to use the software, provide feedback and report any bugs or issues you or your customers encounter. If you're a developer, you can help us develop and improve the software by contributing on the GitHub. Translating BTCPay into your native language, helping us with documentation writing are ways in which you can help us out, even if you're not a developer or tech-savvy. We appreciate every contributor to the project

Does BTCPay need my private key?

Absolutely not. The fact that BTCPay Server never needs access to your master private key for on-chain transactions is a huge security advantage. Even if your server gets hacked, your funds from the on-chain transactions are always safe. Securing your on-chain funds comes down to securing your wallet.

If you have a lightning node, BTCPay technically has access to the keys (macarons) of your LN.

How BTCPay creates a different address?

BTCPay generates a different address for each invoice. The address is derived from your xpubkey. Your private keys are never uploaded or required by BTCPay. The software only needs your extended public key. You can create your private key in your software or hardware wallet and import the public key (xpub) into BTCPay so that it can derive addresses from it. Meanwhile, you should stick to the best practices for protecting your private key.

What is BTCPay wallet?

BTCPay has an internal wallet which you can use to see the transactions and even send the money out of it. The wallet works only with a supported hardware wallet, like Ledger Nano S.

You'll have to confirm and sign the transaction on your hardware wallet. BTCPay wallet is not a hot wallet. The private keys are secured inside your hardware wallet.

Why can't I just give my Bitcoin address to a buyer?

Re-using the address for receiving payments is a privacy issue. Providing a different address manually to each customer is not an optimal solution. Imagine having to send an e-mail to everyone that wants to pay you with cryptocurrency.

BTCPay solves the address re-use and automates the checkout process. The software is a complete, automated invoicing system. It integrates into your checkout process, and customers can pay you in Bitcoin or altcoins in a few clicks.

What are the Apps in BTCPay?

Apps are plugins (features) you can use to expand the use case of your BTCPay.

Is there a limit on the number of Apps I can deploy?

There's no limit. Each app can be created an unlimited amount of times. Apps are added on a store level; you need to have a store to create an app.

How can I use BTCPay in a physical store?

You can use our Point of Sale app. For having a physical PoS, right now, the easiest solution is to utilize PoS App that’s available and then set that as URL within your in-store POS. When you create POS app within BTCPay Server - you will get publicly accessible URL where checkout buttons for products you’ve defined will be displayed. Click on the button creates an invoice.

What is a Payment Button?

The Payment Button is a simple and customizable HTML button you can create and embed into your website. To create a payment button, follow this guide in the docs.

How to create a store in BTCPay?

To create your first store, go to > Stores from the header menu and click "create a new store."

How many stores can I create?

There's no limit on a number of stores you can create in BTCPay.

Can I see my payments on mobile?

If you wish to follow your on-chain payments on a mobile device, you can use a watch-only wallet like Sentinel for Android and bitWallet or ArcBit for iOS. Watch-only wallets allow xpub import and don't require the private key.

Is visa,mastercard or any other credit card will be obsolete in the future?

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